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Create an account on our website. Then click "create game". Choose coin and map size and hide treasure on the map. Now you need to wait for a person who wants to play with you or share a link to the game in social media or your friends. You can also play on other user's maps and find the treasure without creating own map.
In you Dashboard, go to Deposit and choose coin. Then choose how many coins you want to deposit. After confirmation of payment via the network, funds will be added automatically to your account balance.
No! We strictly forbid management of multiple accounts by one person. You should not create or manage several accounts. Your account will be blocked, without the possibility of re-registration.
The value of the treasure + the value of all discovered fields.
Initial value of the treasure divided by the initial number of available fields in the game.
Join the game which you want to play, select the number of fields and confirm payment.
50 fields are max for map size 10x10, max 8 for map size 4x4 , max 2 for map size 2x2.
Of course, unused fields are returned to your account.
Yes, but only when nobody has played. Go to Dashboard > Games and find button Cancel next to Status.
Yes. Each field discovered increases the value of the treasure. By winning entire game you also win the value of all discovered fields + value of the initial treasure.
Of course! You decide how many fields you want to discover on one map. You can discover, for example, 5 fields, but you can also use all available fields at once.
You can leave the game at any time and the amount for undiscovered fields will be automatically refunded to your account.
Infinite amount. In the games you have created, you can’t play. Your task is to hide the treasure and now other users have to find it!
When the treasure was found or if all available fields are discovered.
You can copy and paste the link with game to your friend!
The player does not play against the computer, only against the second user who hide the treasure somewhere. The creator is not able to change the position of the treasure during the game. Chances are aligned for both sides.
Yes. We charge a small fee from winning - 3% value of the treasure.
Insert your wallet address. Click on Withdraw button and type amount of coins you would like to withdraw. You will see your transaction in the Withdrawal section with status.
The minimum withdraws amount is 0.001 BTC This minimum withdraw are set in order to avoid that players pay excessive fees for receiving small withdraw in their wallets.
It can take from few minutes to few hours.